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Alfa Bodyworks – Titan Racing mountain bike team forms part of the same management that Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling formed part of. The mountain bike team was established with the sole purpose to grow and attract people, sponsors and partners to our beloved sport.

We strive to generate as much constructive publicity for our partners to give them a great return on investment. We also keep things interesting and focus on attracting and introducing more people the sport of mountain biking.

Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling was established in December 2018 by Shaun-Nick Bester in collaboration with Darkhorse Wheels CC and was launched the 1st of January 2019.

Since its launch, the team have exceeded most expectations by tallying 44 victories in the 2019 season.

2019 Race results:

  • 1st Overall – Joberg2C GC (Men’s team)
  • 1st Overall – Joberg2C 9 out of 9 stages
  • 1st Overall – Cape Pioneer Trek (Solo men’s category)
  • 1st Overall – Magalies Gravel Express
  • 1st Overall – Bridgestone Route 66 GC
  • 1st Overall – Fedgroup Redhill Classic
  • 1st Overall – Carnival City National MTB Marathon
  • 1st Overall – Eurosteel Drak Descent
  • + many more

During the 2020 season the Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling team still managed to obtain some incredible results even with the Covid-19 virus disrupting most of the racing calendar and were able to generate a significant amount of publicity for the team’s partners and sponsors.

2020 Race results:

  • 1st Overall – Pursuit Challenge Pro edition
  • 1st Overall – Summer Fast One
  • 1st Overall – Stage 1 Bridgestone Route 66
  • 1st Overall – Stage 2 Bridgestone Route 66
  • 2nd Overall – General classification Bridgestone Route 66
  • 3rd Overall – Baberton Ultra marathon
  • 3rd Overall – Sabie Ultra marathon
  • 3rd Overall – Nissan Trailseeker Culinan
  • 4th Overall – Race to the Sun

At the end of 2020 we were lucky enough to partner up with Alfa Bodyworks who took over the mountain bike team’s title sponsorship and incorporate an exciting new rider namely HB Kruger.

We are sure that Shaun-Nick Bester and HB Kruger will make a formidable team during the 2021 season that will continue to solidify the team’s reputation as one of South Africa’s top mountain bike teams.

Team Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling – 2019 Riders

Team Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling – 2020 Riders

Alfa Bodyworks – Titan Racing – 2021 Riders


Timo Cooper wins Summer Fast One MTB Marathon

Our rider Timo Cooper won his first race of the 2020 season in Johannesburg on the 12th January , providing a mental boost for himself and the team early in the season.

“I was surprised to see the level out there. Everyone was strong and wanted to make the race hard.”

“I rode my own race and stuck to the plan I set out before the start.” says Cooper

You can read the full article in :

Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling – 2020 Rider reveal

Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling – 2020 rider announcement

2020 Welcomes Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling back to the professional mountain bike ranks. The team which was established and launched in December 2018 will continue to race around country to solidify their reputation as one of South Africa’s top mountain bike teams.

They are aiming to be very competitive at the ABSA Cape Epic in 2020, South African mountain bike marathon championships and all of the major multi day stage races round the country.

The team is financially backed by the premium South African carbon fibre bicycle wheels manufacturer, Darkhorse Wheels.

“I think that we had an unbelievable 2019 season racking up 44 victories. For the 2020 season we have even bigger goals and aspirations.” Said Bester.

The signings of Team Darkhorse Wheels will consist of Shaun-Nick Bester, Timo Cooper and Alexandre Vialle.

Shaun-Nick Bester, a prominent ex-professional road cyclist, who competed on the professional European circuit, switched to the mountain bike in October 2017. It was on the gravel where he quickly raced onto the podium and placed 3rd overall at Tour de Plett in his first MTB race. After a successful introduction Shaun-Nick continued his successes solidifying 19 victories in 2018 including the overall series win for the Nissan trailseeker marathon series. 2019 welcomed Shaun-Nick with countless victories with his newly formed team Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling including the prestigious Joberg2c overall men’s team CG win and the Cape Pioneer Trek overall men’s solo category GC win.

The other South African rider signing for the team is Timo Cooper. “Shaun-Nick contacted me in May earlier this year after seeing some of my recent race results and asked me if I would be interested in coming onboard the team for the remainder of the 2019 season as a stagiaire rider. After a prolonged break from professional cycling I felt like I really wanted to give it one proper go and see until where my body can take me. In 2015 I raced  alongside Stefan Sahm at the Absa Cape Epic and managed to finish inside the top 15 overall. I think 2020 will be a great year for Team Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling and I am really excited to get it underway.” Said Cooper.

After joining the team in June 2019 as a stagiaire rider Timo stepped up his game to a whole new level and raced to victory in numerous single day mountain bike marathons during the remainder of the year and finished in 3rd place overall on GC next to teammate Shaun-Nick Bester in the Isuzu 3 Towers early this season.

“After bringing Timo onto the team we became good friends, he is a good rider and I enjoy racing alongside him” said Bester.

The third member of the team is Alexandre Vialle. Alexandre won the Canadian national mountain bike marathon championships 2 consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

Alexandre raced with Shaun-Nick Bester in the Swiss Epic in August and they managed to finish 3 out of the 5 stages inside of the top 15 teams. Alexandre will form part of the team on a temporary basis. He will race the Tankwa Trek, Cape Epic, Nissan Trailseeker in Banhoek and a few more races during the course of the year.

The tried and tested pair of Alexandre Vialle and Shaun-Nick Bester will take on the Tankwa Trek, ABSA Cape Epic and maybe one or two other multi day stage races. “We have great synergy in our riding capabilities, Alexandre is a really great rider and his technical skills are some of the best I have seen. On the climbs we are similarly matched.  He is mentally strong and does not let any bad situations during racing get to his head. It also helps that we get along very well, which is probably the most under rated aspect of multi day stage racing” Said Bester.

“Our team goals for this coming season is to be very competitive at the ABSA Cape Epic and at the South African mountain bike marathon championships.”- says Bester

The team’s calendar will include all of the mayor and high publicity mountain bike stage races and one day classics including:

-ABSA Cape Epic

-Cape Pioneer Trek

-Tankwa Trek

-Joberg 2 C

-Sani 2 C

-Berg and Bus


-Nissan Trailseeker series

-S.A. Marathon championships

Other partners for 2020 include:


-Ciovita cycling apparel

-Uvex safety wear

-Ryders eyewear

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