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High-Altitude training protocols

Beneficial for any team or individual sports which consists of intermittent high intensity bouts like: Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Duathlon, Boxing, CrossFit, Wrestling, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming, Netball, Cricket.

It is scientifically proven that our high-altitude training protocols we use can improve Repeated Sprint Abilities up to 64% within 4-5 weeks.

Bike setups

A proper bike setup can avoid injuries, help produce more power, minimize discomfort and even increase speed.

FTP testing

Testing your FTP is essential for any training program. Be it advanced, intermediate or beginner level without knowing your current Functional Threshold Power and Lactate Threshold Heart Rate and adjusting your training zones your body will not get the desired physiological adaptations needed to increase performance.

Aerodynamic CDA testing and position optimization

In cycling aerodynamic drag accounts for up to 80% or your total resistance (on a flat surface) needed to be overcome to be able to ride at a faster speed.

We specialize in calculating your CDA (coefficient of aerodynamic drag) and we can predict the speed you will be able to ride at different wattages.

We can optimize CDA to be able to ride at desired speed at a preselected sustainable power.

This is of utmost importance in road cycling, Time trials, Duathlons and Triathlons like IronMan etc.

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